Don't Let Family Photos & Stories Be Lost To Time

What We Do


With digital photography we have more photos than ever before. But what about our old photos? 

How many times have you looked through old albums and wondered who those people were? What were their stories? What was that event? I wish I could save that information forever.

Now is the time to do just that. Save the pictures and pass them to the next generation.

Share them with other family members. Save them for your children or grandchildren. Bring them from old boxes to new albums.

By adding the names, documenting the events, and telling the stories we honor those from the past. Preserve the original hand-written information on the back of the photo along with the picture.

Even newspaper clippings, family stories, photos of things we inherited can be turned into Heritage Photos. A photo is not needed to pass on a family story. 

For those who do genealogy, we are familiar with eyes glazing over when we try to explain family lines. A Family Group Record can also be turned into a Heritage Photo that can be added to the family album to share with everyone.

If you have something to preserve and share, we can turn it into a Heritage Photo.


What We Don't Do

Photo Restoration.

We can clean it up a bit, but we don't fully restore damaged photos. All we can do is work around the damage.


Be Creative With Your Ideas

What would You like to preserve?

Photos? Stories? Clippings?

Grandma's Recipe Card for your favorite dish?

Photos of Grandpa's Pipe?

Dad's Military Picture?

Photos & History of Family Heirlooms?

Something Else ??


What can we do for you??